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Springfield Armory Features SAINT AR-15 Series at National Patrol Rifle Conference

GENESEO, IL  – Springfield Armory will feature its SAINT lineup of AR-15s as patrol rifle considerations during the annual National Patrol Rifle Conference (NPRC), June 1-2 in Detroit, Michigan. Each year the NPRC brings together law enforcement officers across the country for a patrol-focused conference highlighting seminars and active shooter training drills that promote improved readiness and preparedness. The second day of the conference is dedicated the Patrol Rifle Championships which include both competition and live-fire scenarios for both current and former law enforcement... Read more

Springfield Armory XD-E Honored at NRA Show

GENESEO, ILL.   – Springfield Armory®’s XD-E was awarded a coveted Golden Bullseye Award and named a Ballistic’s Best during NRA Show 2018. Each year, NRA Publications honors outstanding firearms manufacturers and shooting industry products with their selection of the Golden Bullseye winners.  Voted on by NRA Publications’ editors and select staff, the award recognizes innovative achievement in user experience and design.  The Springfield Armory XD-E took home this year’s Golden Bullseye honor for Tactical Firearm of the Year. The Ballistic’s Best is the... Read more

Springfield Armory® Announces TRP™ 10mm RMR® in 5″ and 6″

GENESEO, IL – The Springfield Armory TRP 10mm RMR – one with a 5” barrel, and one with a 6” barrel – are now available with a Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) sight milled into the slide of Springfield Armory’s most elite production 1911. The Trijicon RMR mount features an integrated rear tritium sight that allows a lower 1/3 co-witness of the front tritium sight post. Springfield Armory chose Trijicon, the proven leader in rugged red-dot optics, for its ability to stand up... Read more

Springfield Armory SAINT Pistol in .300 BLK

Heavier-hitting round in Springfield Armory’s popular AR pistol platform GENESEO, IL   – With the success of Springfield Armory’s SAINT AR-15 Pistol in 5.56, more people than ever are requesting variations to the original version.  The newest iteration in .300 BLK harnesses the power of this proven round for increased capability and versatility in a combat-grade platform. The SAINT AR-15 Pistol features a rugged SB Tactical SBX-K forearm brace to reduce size, stabilize recoil, and enhance accuracy in one or two-hand shooting. A... Read more

Springfield Armory’s Concealed Carry XD Package

Three extra magazines can be redeemed for any XD optimal for concealed carry GENESEO, IL  – Following a very successful Gear Up promotion for their M1A platform, Springfield Armory has announced an offer that will appeal to those looking for a new concealed carry pistol. From April 1 through June 30, 2018, customers who purchase any XD-S, XD-S Mod.2, XD Sub-compact, XD Mod.2 Sub-compact, or XD-E will receive three extra magazines, in addition to the two magazines that ship standard with each... Read more

Springfield Armory Celebrates M1A Series with Behind-the-Scenes Video

A look at Springfield Armory’s storied M1A rifle platform GENESEO, IL, March 21, 2018 – Springfield Armory has released a short video detailing the history of its M1A series, and what goes into the creation of an American icon. The M1A product line has been produced by Springfield Armory since 1974. Not only is Springfield Armory one of the only manufacturers currently producing this civilian version of the M14 rifle, but it is also incredibly proud to continue the tradition... Read more

Springfield Armory Professional Model 1911 9mm

GENESEO, IL  – Springfield Armory announces the release of the Professional Model 1911 in 9mm with a new documentary-style video on its legendary Custom Shop. The Springfield Armory line of custom 1911s are methodically built with a level of patience and precision that honors the tradition of the venerable pistol platform. The Custom Shop pistols are carefully hand-built by master Springfield Armory Pistolsmiths in the pursuit of creating the finest custom 1911s on the market. Such fine attention to detail has... Read more

Springfield Armory’s “Ring in Spring” Giveaway

Over $7,000 in Guns and Gear for One Lucky Winner. GENESEO, ILL.   – Springfield Armory has partnered with generous industry sponsors Gun Talk Media, Guns & Gear, Popular Outdoorsmen, Popular Every Day Carry, Challenge Target, Safariland, Freedom Munitions and Challenge Target to provide an opportunity to win a “Ring in Spring” package offering all the tools and accessories you need to hit the range when the temperatures warm up. The package features a SAINT™ Edge, and XD-S® Mod.2™ and an XD-E®... Read more

Action Target, Springfield Armory EDC Giveaway

Action Target is providing paper targets for 100 winners of the new 911 .380. GENESEO, IL. – Springfield Armory is providing 100 winners an opportunity to win the ultimate every day carry (EDC) package with the help of industry partners. The Springfield Armory 911 .380 is the most concealable pistol the company produces, making it a natural choice for personal carry.   In an effort to provide customers with all the tools necessary to carry concealed, Springfield Armory has partnered with seven... Read more

Springfield Armory and PDN Partner for the Ultimate EDC Giveaway

Springfield Armory is hoping to outfit more law enforcement departments and agencies. GENESEO, IL.   – Springfield Armory is providing 100 winners an opportunity to win the ultimate every day carry (EDC) package with the help of some exceptional partners. The Springfield Armory 911 .380 is the most concealable pistol the company produces, making it a natural choice for personal carry. By partnering with Personal Defense Network (PDN), Springfield Armory, along with six other brands, are providing all the tools necessary to... Read more
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