AR Series Rifles

The AR series is designed to offer shooters a rifle in 9mm, 5.56 or .308 that’s just right for their needs. From the SAINT® to the SAINT® Victor to the SAINT® Edge tiers, there is a rifle for you.

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AR Models

  • SA-16 Rifles

    The SA-16A2 from Springfield Armory® is a faithful recreation of the M-16A2, one of the most capable and iconic rifles in history. Featuring a variety of upgrades over its predecessor, the M-16A2 was designed for increased performance and accuracy. These upgrades had an immediate effect on the battlefield and the unmistakable profile of this legendary firearm was soon seen across the globe. Built to exacting standards, the SA-16A2 offers shooters the opportunity to own a piece of history while enjoying the performance and reliability of a modern firearm.

    View Model MSRP $1,249
  • SAINT® AR-15 Rifles

    Put your money where it matters — the SAINT® rifle from Springfield Armory® offers an outstanding value in an AR-15 with top-tier components selected for rugged dependability and relentless performance. M-Lok® compatible and chambered in 5.56 NATO, the SAINT rifle comes in two configurations — because this is America and we like choices. One model features a pinned, picatinny railed gas block and includes a Springfield Armory low-profile flip-up front sight. The other has an A2-style front sight and pinned gas block. Both rifles are lightweight at 6 lbs., 11 oz. and feature an upgraded trigger. Whether you’re in the market for a formidable self-defense weapon or a rifle for recreation, our SAINT rifle fits the bill without breaking the bank.

    View Model MSRP $1,023
  • SAINT® Victor AR-15 Rifles

    Step Right Up — Building on the core of the SAINT® rifle we kindly invite you to explore the upgraded SAINT® Victor line of AR style rifles. Purpose built, each SAINT Victor features our free float M-Lok® handguard and performance upgrades for professional grade reliability. Enhancements include a premium nickel boron trigger, Melonite® coated barrel, enhanced Melonite® coated carrier group and a pinned gas block. Versatile and adaptable, each SAINT Victor configuration delivers premium shootability at a great value. Available in 5.56, .308, and now 9mm, there is a SAINT Victor configuration perfectly suited for your application.

    View Model MSRP $1,150 - $1,497
    9MM 5.56 .308WIN
  • SAINT® Edge AR-15 Rifles

    The SAINT® Edge rifle is the cream of the crop of ARs. It rises to the top with features like a multi-mode gas block for maximized versatility and a free-floating handguard for supreme accuracy. At 6 lbs., 3 oz., this lightweight powerhouse came to get down. Designed for ultimate performance the SAINT® Edge is the product of elite engineering with premier components and upgrades comparable to custom-built ARs. Chambered in 5.56, the SAINT® Edge has a modular, match-grade, short-reset, and Melonite® treated single-stage trigger that paves the way for a trigger press with zero creep. The Edge’s upgraded furniture includes a free float handguard, Bravo Mod 2 pistol grip and six-position Bravo Mod 0 SopMod butt stock. Give yourself the Edge.

    View Model MSRP $1,379
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