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SAINT® Series Pistols

Powerful, potent and capable, the SAINT Pistol series combines all the benefits of an AR with the portability of a pistol. Chambered for 5.56mm, .300 BLK and even .308 Win., there’s a SAINT Pistol available for your specific needs.

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SAINT® Pistols Models

  • SAINT® AR-15 Pistols

    The SAINT® pistol packs America’s favorite defense platform into a pistol-sized package. The same core components that deliver the stalwart reliability of our SAINT series are now available in a pistol configuration. Featuring a balanced 9.6" chrome moly vanadium barrel, the SAINT pistol offers maximized performance in compact dimensions. The Trinity Force® Breach Brace provides strong support and enhances stability. Designed to deliver unbeatable durability at an introductory price point, the SAINT® pistol is an ideal firearm for home protection and personal defense. A Picatinny gas block allows for the direct attachment of a front sight and is pinned in place, a necessity for any duty-grade platform. If you’re looking for maximum value and performance, the SAINT® pistol is the most anticipated 5-lb., 8-oz. bundle of joy you’ll ever cradle in your arms.

    View Model MSRP $895
  • SAINT® Victor AR-15 Pistols

    Ideal in close quarters, the SAINT® Victor pistol is your go-to for home defense. It delivers impressive power in a small, fast-handling package with configurations available in 5.56, .300 blackout and .308. The pistol’s M16 bolt carrier group is precision-machined from 9310 steel, shot peened, and finished in Melonite® — as is the barrel, both inside and out. An SB Tactical® or Magpul® brace stabilizes recoil and also enhances accuracy. Never A Victim. Always the Victor.

    View Model MSRP $1,100 - $1,412
    5.56 .300BLK .308WIN
  • SAINT® Edge AR-15 Pistols

    If you want the best in compact AR pistol options, then the SAINT Edge pistols in 5.56mm should be at the top of your list. These self-defense legends give maximum portability and ease of use in close quarters, where it matters most. The next time you need to deliver in a pinch, you'll be in good hands with the SAINT Edge pistols. With compact barrels ranging from a 10.3" lightweight 1:8" twist CMV barrel down to an ultra-compact 5.5" CMV barrel with a 1:7" twist, these pistols are comfortable, quick-handling and versatile. Brace yourself — these Edges are ready to deliver compact self-defense firepower.

    View Model MSRP $1,559 - $1,777
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