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Echelon Handguns

The Echelon™ from Springfield Armory sets a new standard for modern, striker-fired duty pistols. With a host of patent-pending features, this modular and highly adaptable handgun is designed around a robust stainless steel chassis and revolutionary optics mounting system.

Engineered with superior ergonomics and built to withstand the harshest conditions, the patent-pending Echelon takes its rightful place at the front of the pack. The Echelon from Springfield Armory – Unparalleled.


In 371 BC, an outmanned army faced certain defeat at the hands of the Spartans. Refusing to surrender they employed a new formation in a final effort to save their city. By staggering their troops diagonally, each unit behind and to the right, they toppled the mighty Spartan army and invented the echelon, a military formation that is still used today. In the same spirit of innovation, Springfield Armory introduces the Echelon, a superior approach to modern pistol design.

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At the heart of the Echelon lies the all-new Central Operating Group. Employing cutting edge manufacturing techniques, the Central Operating Group is entirely self-contained and serialized allowing it to be easily moved between grip modules in seconds. Precision built from stainless steel, the chassis provides a robust housing for its patent-pending operating system.


Concealed beneath the slide cover plate is the Echelon’s patent-pending optic mounting system. The Variable Interface System allows users to mount over 30 optics directly to the slide without the use of adapter plates. Simply configure the self-locking pins for the footprint of your desired optic to achieve a low, direct mount for improved sight picture and intuitive alignment.


The Variable Interface System employs patent-pending self-locking pins to complete the most advanced optics mounting system on the market. As the mounting screws are torqued to spec, the pins exert lateral pressure on the optic’s interior mounting surface to eliminate variance and left/right movement. The result is an unparalleled fit between the slide and a wide variety optics.


Thoroughly tested for ease of manipulation, the Echelon’s patent-pending slide features four distinct engagement surfaces. A trench cut forward of the action gives shooters a natural index location for press checks and charging the firearm. The back of the slide is flared for positive purchase while deep forward and rear serrations are carried through the corners for a firm grip from any angle.

  • Aggressive Serrations

    Deeply machined crisp serrations offer a strong grip in any condition.

  • Forward Trench

    Creating a natural index point this relief cut assists shooters who charge or press check their firearm from the front of the slide while keeping hands clear of the action.

  • Flared Slide

    Further enhancing the ability to manipulate the firearm the rear of the slide is flared for additional engagement.


Now available in Desert FDE and OD Green, the Echelon comes equipped with a slide finished in Cerakote®. Excellent for firearm parts due to its durability and corrosion resistance, this ceramic-based coating is applied with minimal impact on tolerances, providing a sleek, customized finish.


The Central Operating Group can be installed in any Echelon grip module allowing shooters to create a firearm that fits perfectly in your hand. The pistol comes standard with the medium grip module and three interchangeable backstraps while small and large frames can be purchased separately.

  • 3 Backstrap Sizes

    The Echelon ships with three backstraps – each with an integrated armorers tool. These patent-pending backstraps are universal and can be installed in the small, medium, and large grip frames.

  • 3 Grip Sizes

    Alternative grip modules give shooters the ability to find a configuration that fits them best. Available in small, medium, and large, each grip module accepts the Central Operating Group and all three backstraps.

  • Adaptive Grip Texture

    Developed for the challenges of concealed carry, the Adaptive Grip Texture feels smooth to the touch until you apply pressure and engage the more aggressive texture just below the surface.

  • Oversize Trigger Guard

    Oversized for use with gloved hands, the Echelon features an enlarged trigger guard that is undercut.

  • Ambidextrous

    The Echelon is equipped with an ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release for intuitive use.

  • Textured Indexing Points

    Common indexing points on the Echelon are textured for an extra-firm grip.


The Echelon employs a newly developed magazine for rugged durability, hard use and reliable operation. Blacked out in an all new scratch and wear resistant coating, the magazine features a capacity of 17+1 in its flush fit configuration and 20+1 with the extended base pad installed. A low capacity 10-round model is also available.


The Echelon’s patent-pending trigger harnesses the advantages of the Central Operating Group to deliver superior performance. Entirely contained within the chassis, critical components are machined from tool steel and highly polished for a clean take up, defined wall, crisp break and short, positive reset. The result is a trigger that redefines expectations.


Built with safety in mind, the Echelon is designed and tested to exceed SAAMI drop test parameters by adhering to even tougher standards – our own. In addition to passing rigorous testing, the Echelon’s Central Operating Group features a unique second sear design to help prevent unintentional discharge should the firearm be dropped. Field stripping the Echelon is toolless and requires no pull of the trigger.


The Echelon comes standard with the tactical rack U-Notch rear sight and a tritium front sight with luminescent ring. A tritium 3-dot configuration is also available. Optional suppressor height sights are available for purchase. Combining these options with native optics support the Echelon represents the most dynamic sighting system on the market.


The hammer forged Echelon barrel is manufactured for elite performance. Long regarded as the gold standard in barrel making the hammer forging process produces a stronger barrel with a smoother surface for ultimate accuracy and service life. Melonite® coated for corrosion and wear resistance, choose between a 4.5” standard or a 5.28” threaded barrel with ½ x 28 thread pitch.

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