XD® Series Handguns

America’s most trusted striker-fired solution, the XD family of pistols covers everything from concealed carry to tactical to competitive shooting. From the XD to the XD-M to the XD-M Elite to the XD-E and the XD-S, there is an XD that’s just right for your needs.

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XD® Models

  • XD-M® Elite Handguns

    The polymer platform that broke the mold is now built around the all new META™ trigger for the ultimate performance in a striker-fired firearm. Further enhanced with removable magwell, increased capacity of 22+1 (20+1 with short magwell models) and improved slide serrations, the new XD-M® Elite represents the pinnacle of full-size, polymer-framed pistol design. Featuring the META™ (Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly) system, the XD-M Elite trigger sports a flat face, crisp break and integral overtravel stop that combine to deliver the best trigger in a factory polymer-framed pistol available on the market. The XD-M® Elite has superior ergonomics, reliable performance, and features that make it easy and intuitive to use. Upgrades like an extended and flared magwell, ambi slide stop and enhanced slide serrations make the Elite a must-have option. It’s also got a whopping 22+1 capacity (20+1 with the “short” magwell).

    View Model MSRP $590 - $818
    9MM 10MM
  • XD-S Mod.2® OSP™ Handguns

    Our most popular single-stack EDC is now optics ready. The XD-S Mod.2® OSP™ comes with a factory milled slide for low-profile, direct mounting of compact optics for an intuitive sight picture and uninterrupted focus on target. Available with an optional Crimson Trace micro red dot and chambered in 9mm and .45 ACP, the XD-S Mod.2 OSP features a hammer forged barrel and a passive grip safety for confident carry. Shipping with two magazines, the XD-S Mod.2 OSP offers a new take on this trusted platform.

    View Model MSRP $425 - $550
    9MM .45ACP
  • XD® Handguns

    It’s not every day that you rub shoulders with a living legend. The XD® set the bar for polymer pistols. In 2001, Springfield Armory redefined the industry standard for superior ergonomic comfort, ease of operation, features and performance in one fell swoop with the XD. The grip safety, Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System™, and the firing pin block safety combine to make this an undeniably safe defensive tool. If you’re looking for a solid handgun for duty, concealed carry, or self-defense at a price point you can respect, the legend awaits. So when you enter the presence of the XD®, play it cool— because rest assured, greatness always notices greatness.

    View Model MSRP $399 - $603
    9MM .40SW .45ACP
  • XD-M® Handguns

    The XD-M® is a modern update to the legendary XD® pistol with a host of performance enhancements. The XD-M is a favorite of competitive shooters and is renowned for its accuracy, reliability and shootability. The same performance upgrades that made it a winner on the range give it the edge in its self-defense configurations. Available in a variety of frame sizes, barrel lengths and chamberings, the XD-M® offers the best ergonomic experience in a polymer platform. With multiple interchangeable backstraps included, the XD-M® can be tailor fit to your hand. It points effortlessly and naturally and the fully-cocked striker allows for a smooth trigger pull and crisp break.

    View Model MSRP $652 - $779
    10MM .45ACP
  • XD-E™ Handguns

    The easy choice — our most versatile and adaptable platform is built around ease of use. The XD-E takes advantage of its hammer fired action, allowing the gun to be racked and charged with ease. Featuring double- and single-action operation, The XD-E™ is the perfect firearm to level the playing field and adapt with you as you grow. It sculpts Point & Shoot Ergonomics™ into a sleek 1″ wide polymer frame for ideal hand and holster fit, and has a unique DA/SA trigger system that allows multiple ways to carry and use it. For a home defense weapon that’s extremely safe, easy to handle and available in 3.3”, 3.8” and 4.5” barrel lengths, the XD-E™ will put up a fight when you most need it.

    View Model MSRP $542 - $580
    9MM .45ACP
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