GENESEO, ILL. (03/06/24) – The Armory Life is pleased to announce the release of the Spring 2024 issue of The Armory Life print magazine, featuring a cover story interview with the hosts of the television show “Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?” on the Outdoor Channel. This quarterly print magazine complements the daily digital content available on

Since its launch five years ago, The Armory Life website has proven to be an outstanding resource for firearms-oriented content. It delivers exciting and in-depth daily posts created by some of today’s most respected experts in the firearms community. With the launch of the full-color, 96-page quarterly print magazine in early 2021, fans of The Armory Life were given an entirely new medium for consuming this content.

The Spring 2024 issue’s cover story is an exclusive interview with the hosts of “Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?”. This entertaining show takes on the wild feats you see on your favorite television shows and movies and determines if they hold up in the real world. In addition, an episode premiering on Wednesday, March 13th at 7 p.m. EST will feature several Springfield Armory firearms.

Also featured in the issue is a piece on ISS Props, “home base” for the “Hollywood Weapons” television show and the go-to source for guns and gear for those that make the shows and movies we all watch. In addition, the issue keeps you up to date on some of today’s top firearms and gear, such as in-depth reviews of the new color-variant Hellion bullpup rifles, the Ronin 4.25” 9mm 1911, the SAINT B5 5.56mm carbine, and much more.

The print magazine is designed to integrate closely with its digital sibling website, featuring easy-to-use QR codes throughout. Simply open your camera app on your smartphone and scan the code, and you’ll be taken online to expanded content and video segments.

Recipients of The Armory Life print magazine are selected from Springfield Armory warranty registrants. Currently, these subscribers receive two years’ worth (eight issues) of the magazine.

“We had a lot of fun taking our readers behind the scenes of the ‘Hollywood Weapons’ television show this issue,” said Mike Humphries, editor-in-chief of the magazine. “Combine this with an insider’s look at ISS Props as well as a whole host of informative and beautifully illustrated articles, and you have another must-read issue of The Armory Life magazine.”

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