Springfield Armory®’s Rob Leatham Wins 2016 USPSA Revolver National Championship

Leatham Also Awarded Classic Nationals Aggregate Prize

GENESEO, IL, June 14, 2016 – Proving that “dark horse” finishes do sometimes happen, Springfield Armory® Team Captain Rob Leatham took top honors at the 2016 USPSA Revolver National Championship.

Known as an accomplished 1911 shooter, Leatham explains his early experience with the revolver platform, “I wasn’t expecting to take the Revolver overall title. There are so many great shooters who dedicate their training and competing to the revolver that I consider myself a dark horse. I have always been a revolver shooter, though, from a very young age, so picking it up for me isn’t as hard as you might think. They are great fun to shoot, and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity. As one of only two matches a year that I get to shoot a revolver, winning was just icing on the cake!”

Part of the 1911 Society Classic Nationals Series, the Revolver Championships immediately follow the USPSA Single Stack National Championship over Mother’s Day Weekend at PASA Park in Barry, Illinois. In the Single Stack Nationals event, Leatham placed third overall and won the top prize in the Senior Division. Now 55, Leatham qualifies to compete in the USPSA Senior Division. In his words, “The senior title makes me feel a bit old, but I’m entering this new phase of my career with great enthusiasm. I feel very lucky to still be competitive in our sport.”

“Mature” as he may be, Rob shot a picture perfect revolver match, incurring not a single penalty, nor putting a single shot in the “D” zone of any target.  That may just be a first in Leatham’s 30+ year career. “I can’t remember having the good fortune to shoot that cleanly before,” stated Leatham.

Winning 6 of the 14 stages, and finishing no lower than 6th on the other stages, Leatham won the overall match by 45+ points.  The 2016 USPSA Revolver Nationals was his second revolver win since 2013, the first year he began shooting this match.

As a bonus, Rob was also awarded the “Classic Nationals” aggregate prize.  This honor is awarded to the shooter with the most cumulative match points from the Revolver and Single Stack events. Leatham has won this trophy, which originated in 2013 as the Leatham / Miculek Aggregate Award, every year since its inception.

Springfield Armory® would like to congratulate Team Captain Rob Leatham on a great start to his “senior” career.  The company looks forward to many more years of Rob competing and setting records.

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