GENESEO, ILL. (5/12/21) –  Springfield Armory’s highly successful and awarded micro-compact handgun, the Hellcat®, has attracted legal claims from a competitor.

Sig Sauer, Inc. has alleged in a federal court complaint that Springfield Armory’s Hellcat® magazines infringe two patents Sig owns.  However, Springfield Armory is steadfast in its conviction that those claims are without merit.  The innovative design of the Hellcat® magazine is our own and works only with the Hellcat®.  The superior design of the Hellcat® magazine is able to hold more rounds in an overall smaller magazine.  Springfield Armory’s Hellcat® magazine was independently awarded several patents of its own and has received numerous industry recognitions.

“We feel that these claims are frivolously litigious in nature and designed to thin out the competition in an increasingly crowded firearms market,” explains Springfield Armory President Steve McKelvain. “Springfield Armory will vigorously defend its right to produce the class-leading patented Hellcat® handgun and magazines for our loyal customers––past, present and future.”

Springfield Armory is proud of its 46-year long commitment to innovative engineering, craftsmanship, and design.  The work completed on behalf of our customers and the public is a privilege that we honor with originality and the release of groundbreaking products including the Hellcat®.