GENESEO, IL – Springfield Armory® is pleased to announce the winner of Night of the SAINT™. A unique type of event, Night of the SAINT™ was part shooting competition, part athletic contest, part documentary, and a celebration of the freedoms the Second Amendment protects.

Last fall, concurrent with the release of Springfield Armory®’s SAINT™ personal defense rifle, the company identified six forward-thinking and independent women who believe in their ability to protect themselves. These women were brought together in a remote location in Wyoming to participate in this groundbreaking shooting and tactical endurance competition. They are not professional shooters, they were chosen because they represent everyday Americans who have decided to hone their skills against the possibility of everyday threats.

At the end of the final competition, the judging panel evaluated each contestant based on three criteria: Shooting performance (safety, speed, and accuracy), motivation and attitude, and how well the embodied the Defend Your Legacy ideal.

“Based on the criteria established for this competition, the online response from our audience, and how well she represents the principles of the Springfield Armory® brand, we are proud to announce Katelyn Ely as the winner of Night of the SAINT™,” stated Springfield Armory® Chief Executive Officer Dennis Reese.

“I am very grateful to have been a part of the whole Night of the SAINT™ experience. The training we got was phenomenal, I learned so much, and I developed some amazing friendships with the other women involved. I’m very grateful for all of it,” commented Katelyn upon hearing the news of her victory.

Go to to see the series in its entirety. Also, Katelyn will be appearing in the Springfield Armory® booth during the 2017 National Rifle Association National Meeting taking place in Atlanta, Georgia April 28 through 30. If you are planning on being there, stop by the Springfield Booth and meet Katelyn in person.

About Springfield Armory®
“The First Name in American Firearms,” Springfield Armory® was founded in 1777, when George Washington ordered the creation of an armory to store ammunition and gun carriages during the American Revolution. In 1794, the armory began to manufacture muskets and spent the next 150 years supplying firearms for every major American conflict. The original armory closed in 1968. In 1974, the Reese family took ownership of the Springfield Armory® name and began making the M1A™ rifle. Today, Springfield Armory® develops many products loyal to the company’s heritage, like the 1911 pistol, while ensuring its future with innovative products, including the XD®, XD® Mod.2®, XD-M®, and XD-S® polymer pistols and now the new SAINT™ AR-15 rifle.

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