GENESEO, ILL. (01/17/20) – The SAINT® family from Springfield Armory® is expanding this year, with three all-new SAINT® pistol variants slated for release during Spring 2020 and on display at SHOT Show 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We wanted to give our customers an early ‘sneak peek’ at some exciting new SAINT® pistols we have been developing over the past year,” explains Springfield Armory® VP of Marketing Steve Kramer. “Each brings something innovative to the Springfield Armory line-up, and offers exciting new options for all of the SAINT® fans out there.”

First up is the radically compact SAINT® Edge PDW Pistol, a 5.5″-barreled 5.56mm that proves when it comes to your defense, we take it personally. Measuring a mere 18.75″ overall with its Maxim Defense™ SCW™ brace collapsed, the PDW is designed to deliver micro-sized performance. From the included Magpul® 20-round PMAG to the short Reptilla® CQG™ pistol grip, the PDW provides unrivaled portability in a 5.56mm package. Slated for release during Spring 2020.

How about adding a heavy hitter to your portable pistol toolbox? The new SAINT® Victor .308 Pistol packs .30-caliber power into a 10.3″-barreled package that measures just over 28″ with the included SB Tactical® SBA3™ five-position brace fully collapsed. Round that out with excellent appointments such as a BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Mod 3 pistol grip, free-float M-Lok® handguard and a Springfield Armory Blast Diverter, and you have an amazing addition to the SAINT® Victor line. Slated for release during Spring 2020.

Preparation. It’s in the bag. Joining the SAINT® Edge line is the all-new EVAC™ Pistol, a 5.56mm that is designed for takedown and discreet storage in the included storage bag. The patent-pending ratchet barrel takedown system combines with a Gear Head Works™ Tailhook MOD 1 sidefolding brace with Law Tactical Gen 3-M folder adapter for extremely compact storage. When disaster strikes, turn to the SAINT® Edge EVAC™ pistol. Slated for release during Spring 2020.

For more information about the upcoming additions to the SAINT® line-up slated for release Spring 2020, please visit the following links:

SAINT Victor Pistol in .308:


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