Team Springfield™ Shooters Jalise, Justine Williams Hit Range for Zion Classic


ST. GEORGE, UTAH (March 29, 2016) – Team Springfieldeked out a division first-place finish at the TTI Zion Classic March 19-20, in Hurricane, Utah. Thanks to newly minted Team Springfield™ shooter Jalise Williams, the team came out on top in the Single Stack Division.

Jalise Williams took first place in the Single Stack Division, High Lady OA and High Junior OA at the event, while her sister, fellow Team Springfield™ member Justine Williams, placed eighth in the Production Division.

Shooting her Springfield Armory® 1911 Range Officer® 9mm, Jalise focused her shooting on speed and accuracy for her first division win. “I was hoping for High Lady and High Junior, but have been practicing a lot and really wanted a division win,” she said. “I just wasn’t sure if it was too soon to have that dream come true.”

Jalise credited the Williams’ coach Glen Wong with believing in them throughout the competition.

The Production Division included some highly competitive battles, and Justine focused on keeping her calm throughout the heated battles, commending her sister’s victory. “It’s nice having a sister to shoot with, because, even if I don’t place well, my sister probably will, so really – we both win,” Justine said.

The Untied States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Level 2 match brought 80 competitors for 10 stages and more than 320 rounds of ammunition total. Stages included technical shooting, steel, moving targets and other unique elements.

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