GENESEO, ILL. (02/07/24) – Springfield Armory® is proud to announce that the Model 2020 Rimfire .22 LR bolt-action rifle has been chosen as NRA Publications’ American Rifleman 2024 Golden Bullseye Rifle of the Year.

Now in their 22nd year, the NRA Publications Golden Bullseye Awards acknowledge the finest products available in the shooting sports. The winners are selected by a committee of NRA Publications staff, representing more than a century of collective experience in the shooting and hunting industry.

“With its Model 2020 Rimfires, Springfield has proven that visual elegance and mechanical excellence in a bolt-action chambered for the beloved .22 LR cartridge doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg,” said Brian C. Sheetz, Editor In Chief of American Rifleman. “This is why our staff selected them for the 2024 Golden Bullseye Awards ‘Rifle of the Year.’”

The Model 2020 Rimfire bolt-action rifle is offered in two primary versions — the wood-stocked Classic Model and the synthetic-stocked Target Model. The Classic is offered in four grades of Turkish walnut with a satin finish, while the Target features a reinforced polymer stock in two colors — black or sage with black webbing — modeled after the popular Model 2020 Waypoint.

Each Model 2020 Rimfire ships with a .22-caliber rotary magazine. Crafted from durable polymer, the magazine holds 10 rounds and delivers them smoothly into the chamber. The rifle and magazine are cross-compatible with Ruger® 10/22®-pattern magazines of the same capacity, offering versatility without compromise.

The premium barrel of the Model 2020 Rimfire in .22 LR is 20” long and free-floated for its full length. As a result, the rifle will not suffer point of impact shift due to input against the stock. The Target Model is threaded to accept suppressors and muzzle devices, while the Classic Model features a sporter contour for a day afield.

Optimized for the .22-caliber action, the Model 2020 Rimfire features a Model 700-pattern adjustable trigger that is factory set at 4.5 lbs. The trigger can be tuned to your preference and delivers a crisp, clean break. Furthermore, the action is designed to accept many aftermarket 700-pattern triggers for enhanced customization.

“The appeal of a well-made rimfire rifle speaks to practically every shooting enthusiast,” said Springfield Armory Vice President of Marketing, Steve Kramer. “Having earned this esteemed award from the National Rifle Association’s American Rifleman, the Model 2020 Rimfire is clearly a rifle that can stand out from the crowd.”

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