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Discontinued: 1911 Range Officer® Elite HandgunsRange Officer® Elite

Discontinued: 1911 Range Officer® Elite Handguns

Forged in fire, the rugged Range Officer® Elite handles the 10mm cartridge with the kind of casual dominance that gave your grandpa his bone-crushing handshake.

There was a day when the 10mm earned a reputation for punishing recoil and cracked frames. Thankfully, those days are over. The Range Officer® Elite is built on a forged frame and slide and features an upgraded Cerakote® finish, G10 grips, and ambi safety. The 5″ stainless steel match-grade barrel delivers on-target rounds with repeatable precision.

The Range Officer Elite is ready for the range or defensive applications and sports an accessory rail for the mounting of lights and lasers. Did you want that gift-wrapped, sir?

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Built for a long life and cutting-edge performance, the Springfield Armory® Range Officer® Elite features rock-solid construction and materials. The frame and slide are both manufactured from forged steel, giving you a pistol that will last a lifetime, and a hammer-forged barrel for accuracy and durability.

Forged vs. Cast
Forged frame and slide on the 1911 RO Elite


The forged stainless steel barrel is match grade and features a fully supported chamber that is reinforced for a lifetime of heavy use.

  • Rugged Cerakote Finish

    The corrosion-resistant Cerakote® finish that defines the superlative line of Range Officer® Elite pistols is self-lubricating for maximum performance under difficult conditions.

  • Thin-Line G10 Grips

    Custom thin-line G10 grips were custom designed for the Range Officer® series of guns and provide an unparalleled firing foundation.

  • Ambi Thumb Safety

    The extended ambidextrous thumb safety ensures precise management of the weapon in high-stress defensive situations.

  • Gen-2 Speed Trigger

    The extended lightweight Gen 2 speed trigger combines precision with positive control.

  • Fiber Optic Front Sight

    The steel front sight includes a fiber optic light tube that enhances target indexing, while the tactical-rack rear sight lets you reliably charge the gun in an emergency.

  • Match Grade Barrel

    A pistol’s accuracy begins with the barrel, and the full-length 5" stainless steel tube on the Range Officer® Elite is cut to competition standards.

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